Initiatives goal is to change the mindset of people living in the world around us through a plethora of innovative methods and projects. Transforming hostility and distrust into collaboration and mutual respect through projects and activities that incontestably establish cooperation dialogue between conflicting groups. Our people are committed to researching new and innovative methods to enhance and encourage social dialogue, building social stability and making way for progress and growth. We involve individuals providing opportunities to learn, to share, to act, to grow, to give back and be part of the positive change.

Initiatives provide educational programs and services to meet the needs of young people. Many of youth live in poverty without access to education, either formal or unformed education. By preparing generation with information, skills, and knoweledge, the Initiatives is enebling them to achieve their full potential as productive citizens able to advance their communities.


Bujanovac, Prokuplje, October 15, 2014.

Consultative process between citizens and institutions starting in Bujanovac

On Wednesday, October 22/2014, the project called «Green Citizens Energy» will be presented in the municipality of Bujanovac (South Serbia) in a one-day event organized by Civil Society Resource Center and Initiatives.